Quality Hotel™


That's right! At Quality Hotel, we facilitate for an active stay

Activities and workouts are possible everywhere, without any limits! We like to stay active to keep our energy up to speed, and that's why we strive to sure our guests have everything they need to do the same. 

An outdoor playground
Our hotels are surrounded by great roads for walking, running routes, cycle paths, or hiking trails. Just ask one of our Quality Hotel Serviceheroes for tips, and they will advise you where to go when (and if you're lucky, they might even share their secrets spots!)   

Indoor options
Most of our hotels offer fully equipped gyms for those who want to stay inside. The gyms feature everything you can expect such as treadmills, excerices bikes, free-weights, mats for stretching, running machines and more. 

There's always time for fun and activities when you stay with us.

Let us help you plan your next adventure